I stopped setting my alarm clock and this happened

I had heart about not setting your alarm clock should be healthier for your sleep. Because it gives your body the chance to decide on its own when it wants to wake up. I never tried it, being afraid that I would over sleep and not get up in time.

But since I have been working from home for the last year I figured I could give this a try. I really struggled with getting out of bed in the morning. I tried to get up earlier and put on the alarm but I ended up snoozing and snoozing and ended up feeling tiredall day.

Set your alarm to the latest possible time

I did not put any research into this. And what is there to research anyways, right? So I just set my alarm to the latest time I have to get up to be ready for my first meeting in the morning. Around 9.30 AM. Before that I had set my alarm to 7.00 AM or 6.30 AM. My inner clock is working quite well and I usually wake up around 7.00 am anyways. Even on weekends. But I was kind of nervous to not have that safety net anymore.

Your inner clock is better than you think

Interestingly enough, I still wake up between 6.00 am and 7.00 am every morning and usually get up then. So every day is a bit different but I am feeling great. I am much more awake and feel happier and more satisfied then before. Maybe it is because of the thought that of getting woken up by the alarm clock which always puts you in a stressful situation (body wise) or it is something not related to that at all. Getting out of bed became super easy and establishing a healthier and better morning routine also got easier.

I wake up by myself and I am ready for the day. I started doing some kind of exercise right after getting up. Every other day I go for a run and on the rest of the days I am doing a HIIT home workout. Before stopping to set my alarm clock I tried to this as well but I ended up skipping it most of the days and not feeling great and awake the rest of the day. Now, my mornings start great and I feel happy and confident the rest of the day. Knowing that I have already done something for my body.

I have been doing this for the last four weeks and I already start to see the changes. Not just in my overall mood but I also see how my body changes due to the daily exercise that came in a bit too short in the winter months of lockdown.

Try it! It is not as impossible as it sounds

If you also struggle to get out of bed and don‘t want to be woken up by a loud noise in the morning, I recommend trying it out and to see for yourself it helps you. I can only say that since I have been doing this I have never needed my alarm. I think every body can train their inner clock to work in their advantage.

Until then…sleep well and I wish you a great rest of the day!